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    HD2Control Version 1079.3.3 online

    Download here


    • Bugfixes
    • Copying EQs via shift + drag & drop in the In-/Output tab deletes all EQs in the target channel
    • Dante Support
    • Installer


    Software: Since version 1079, the software comes with an executable and additional DLLs (due to licence reasons). Start the installer and follow the instructions. First, the C++ runtime library will be installed. If the current version is already present on your system, the dialogue will ask you to either restore the original version or deinstall the runtime library. Simply choose “Cancel”.

    Firmware: The fwu file is installed in your installation folder (default: C:\Program Files\HD2Control). Start HD2Control (old version), establish a connection to the HD2, open the “Advanced Options” in the system menu and start “Update Firmware”. Follow the instructions. Be sure, to save the existing configuration before the update since all settings and setups will be deleted. You can simply upload the configuration again after the firmware update. Use the new version V2 after updating the firmware.